Loan in 24 hours without Credit Bureau

If you want to get a loan in 24 hours without Credit Bureau, you should contact a foreign lender or a credit intermediary. A German bank or savings bank will not pay out such a loan, because without exception it will obtain Credit Bureau information from every credit customer. If negative entries are recorded here, this almost always leads to the rejection of the loan application or to the demand to provide further security or a guarantor.

Foreign banks

Foreign banks

In recent years, the number of banks that are based abroad and offer their services on the Internet has increased significantly. Anyone wishing to receive a foreign loan as a German citizen must be of legal age, have an officially registered main place of residence in Germany and be a worker, employee or civil servant. Other groups of people such as the self-employed, freelancers, unemployed or students find it very difficult to get a loan in 24 hours without Credit Bureau.

The loan can be paid out by post or by bank transfer. The customer can almost always choose which route he would prefer. A cash payment has the advantage that nobody gets anything from the loan, neither the Credit Bureau, nor the house bank or the employer. The personal credit rating remains unchanged.

Credit intermediaries and private lenders

Credit intermediaries and private lenders

Those who have neither a fixed income nor an impeccable Credit Bureau information usually only have a chance of getting a loan in 24 hours without Credit Bureau if they contact a credit broker or a private lender. A private lender can be a person from your own relatives, acquaintances or friends, or a stranger. The loan terms are agreed individually and should always be recorded in writing.

Credit intermediaries are an important contact for anyone who cannot get a conventional bank loan due to their difficult personal or financial situations. Before a loan broker is commissioned, you should ensure that it is serious. An important indicator for this is that it does not require any upfront costs before the loan is paid out.

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